Reshi Mushrooms Strengthen Immune System

Reishi MushroomsLing Zhi Reishi, also known as "Mushroom of Immortality", has long been revered in Chinese medicinal history as a "miracle herb", once believed to enhance youth and longevity if taken over long periods of time.

The Four-Canons of Seng-Nung, a famous herbal medicine book written in 2838 B.C., records Reishi as the most valuable of all "superior" herbs (followed by ginseng).

Westerners are just beginning to discover the numerous applications of Reishi to a variety of modern health problems, and many scientists are now attempting to understand how this miracle herb works.

It’s no secret that the typical Western diet centers on meat and processed foods which contain excessive hormones, emulsifiers, preservatives and other chemical additives. Many believe that our diets are slowly sickening the population and leading to a higher incidence of serious diseases later in life.

Once an illness manifests, recovery can be slow and difficult. Under these circumstances, many health-conscious people are taking a daily regimen of Reishi to boost their body’s defenses against the daily pounding from the toxins in our diets and environment.

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