Strong immune system and asthma alleviation


Reishi is highly valued in traditional Chinese medicine, and has been used for thousands of years as a strengthening remedy. Modern science has shown that the active ingredients in Reishi primarily are polysaccharides and triterpenes. Both these substances have positive effects on the human immune defence system, and primarily on diseases related to the respiratory system, like asthma.

Why choose Viking Brand Reishi?

In historic times Reishi was very rare, nowadays however, reishi is cultivated under controlled conditions. This has increased the availability of the mushroom, and made it one of the most common natural remedies in China and other Asian countries. In the myriad of different reishi products on offer it is easy to be confused – which brand is the best? The amount of active ingredients in the different products will always decide which product is the best – not the most extravagant packaging or the highest retailprices! Viking Brand Reishi is clearly marked with the contents of each capsule: 10 mg polysaccharides and 3 mg triterpenes, which is the highest levels found in reishi products. Good quality gives good effect! Viking Brand Reishi is Your best choice!

Who should consume Viking Brand Reishi?

People who need to boost their immune system/ immune defence; people who easily catch colds; recovering patients; patients with endocrine disorders; respiratory patients such as asthmatics; athletes; students before exams…the list is long

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