Most of today’s illnesses are said to be a result of consumption of too much red meat, heavy carbohydrates, fatty food and sodium as well as negligent consumption of fiber rich fresh food.

Reishi seems to be the antidote for most of these. This fungus which originates from China was deemed auspicious, was very difficult to grow and hence was a well kept secret for a long time. It had enormous curative properties and was said to increase life span; it was so scarce it absolutely could not be shared.

Luckily, in the last few decades the cultivation has been made possible so its benefits are now available to many.

Reishi is said to cure ailments which are minor to serious diseases like cancer. It helps eyesight, muscular disorders, blood pressure, cholesterol, weight loss, bronchitis, asthma, allergic reactions and countless others; it is even said that where certain kind of incurable cancers are concerned, reishi remains their only hope. It is supposed to be able to bring a person out of a coma.

Reishi contains a substance called Ganodelan – it contains a combination of glucuronic acid, glucose and lactose. Ingestion of Ganodelan eliminates thrombi or clots in the blood and makes it pure and nutrient rich which in turn rejuvenates cells throughout the body making a person feel younger and more energetic. It seems similar to ginseng in that it promotes vitality and slows the ageing process considerably and keeps one mentally very alert. Blood clots can block arteries which in turn cause heart failure, aneurisms and strokes and prove fatal. Ganodelan seems to clear these blocks and negate these risks.

As is usual with any new treatment, Reishi was also often dismissed as just another old wives’ tale but there have been extensive clinical studies which have recorded how patients who suffered from terminal illnesses and had undergone cancer treatments as well as suffered from extreme diabetic side effects like gangrene and amputations have recovered fully and are able to live healthy lives without the fear of recurrence.

Reishi can prove a real boon for the treatment of diabetes which is one of the most feared killer diseases and has terrible side effects. It has already proved beneficial in kidney related diseases but a lot of research is still necessary where regulation of blood sugar is concerned. Too much of research was not possible- it was actually prohibited because of the scarcity of the herb but hopefully the situation has changed now.

There are six different varieties of Reishi- each of them is a different color. The red variety is supposed to be the most effective. Needless to say, it needs to be taken in carefully regulated quantities to realize its effectiveness and can prove harmful if taken at random without proper knowledge.

It takes anywhere between two weeks to twenty to start working. Initially the symptoms intensify and grow much worse. Gradually, as the herb begins to remove the vestiges of the disease or ailment. If it is continued for several months then a permanent cure is affected.

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