Reishi is known as ling Zhi in Chinese which is an herbal mushroom for health. The herb is being used in china and Japan for over 2000years, it has no side effects and can be taken regularly. The herb surely proves that good things come in small quantity as it needs a high density mountain with high humid and low light and that’s not all out of 10,000 tress that are grown only 2-3 produces reishi .A number of countries are conducting extensive research for production of reishi and science of medicines. It has been recorded to provide the most healing and extensive capabilities.

The history of this herb has been documented in the oldest pharmacopoeia written in the first and second century. Also noted that unlike any other mushrooms, which have up to 90% of water content reishi has only about 75% of the same.

Reishi has a lot of variety in spite of being the most rare herb like Akashiba ( red reishi )which is good for heart, Kuroshiba ( black reishi )is good for kidney and brain, Aoshiba ( blue reishi ) for liver, Shiroshiba ( white reishi )for lungs and skin, Kishiba ( yellow reishi )is for spleen and Murasakishiba ( purple reishi )is considered for joints. It almost cures each and every part of our body.

The herb helps in prevention and cure of a lot of diseases like hypertension, diseases related to blood vessels and circulatory system, blood clots, it reduces and improves allergic reactions and the list goes on and on. But the most important being it helps in curing cancer too by reducing the growth of cancerous cells in the body and by giving high immune system. So when a doctor says "Cancer is a serious disease, but it is not fatal. Patients have a good chance to recover." It’s not a statement to console you but can be true. Reishi has also been termed as the “god’s herb “due to its qualities.

Tea and coffee have a lot of nicotine and caffeine which makes you addicted to it and has adverse effect on health, some people tried using reishi also called Ganoderma in there drink and could realize the difference, they say the they felt more energetic, less fatigue and helped them reducing the intake of tea and coffee, not only this they also reported that it helped them strengthen their organs for waste elimination and detoxication.

There are tea and coffee in the market which come with reishi in them and have proven themselves to be the most effective. Who wouldn’t like to improve their immune system and cure all the diseases you have just by in taking a regular cup of tea or coffee?

The text book “Shannon Honsohkyo” in Japan has been accepted as the original book of Oriental medicine science. Says that reishi was said to be the medicine that can grant you eternal longevity and youth.

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