Reishi is an herbal mushroom that is well known in China to have phenomenal health benefits. Ling Zhi which is the Chinese name for Reishi has been recognized as “God’s Herb” throughout Asia for nearly 2,000 years. This oldest mushroom that has medical benefits was consumed by royalty in Japan and China. These royal emperors believed that Reishi was their answer to strength and prolonged existence to their lives.

Reishi that has been valued as heavens herb is very effective against various sicknesses and in olden times have been specially used for the treatment of a knotted and tight chest, enhancement of scholarly competency, the rectification of poor memory, the increase of alertness and the expansion of one’s living duration.

To prove that Reishi was a number one medical mushroom there are many mentions about the same in various Chinese medical journals that have been written and compiled by many famous and celebrated physicians. The late Mr. Hiroshi Hikino, the world’s famous author on chemistry related to medical plants acknowledged Reishi as being one of the most imperative elixirs of life that existed in the Orient.

Reishi is basically an herbal plant which is non-toxic to be taken orally on a daily basis with no complaining of any side effects. Reishi has the tendency to refurbish the human body to its natural condition and facilitate all the human organs to function in a normal manner. In addition Reishi has the capability to normalize and fine tune the immune procedure in our bodies.

Today it is well accepted throughout the world that there are six different types of Reishis that have been acknowledged to have a cure on potential health problems. These six are red, white, blue, yellow, purple and black. Red Reishi is the most advanced of the Reishi’s as it holds the miraculous effectiveness to boost the immune system and improving the human organs and body functions.

Reishi basically increases liveliness in the human body, assists in normal blood circulation whilst preventing any blockages and helps fight any growth of tumor and any other unnecessary elements that affect the human structure.

Reishi is principally made up of convoluted carbohydrates that are normally called water-soluble polysaccharides, amino acids, proteins and triterpeniods. Studies have shown that water-soluble polysaccharides are the most vigorous element to be found in Reishi that controls the blood pressure in the body, fights against the growth of tumor and immune modulating. It was also found that more the quantity of water-soluble polysaccharide content are added to Reishi the effect of the plant will show greater effects.

Before jumping into the decision of consuming this wonder plant, in order to have a healthy, exotic and long life it is advisable to consult a professional health care specialist. This specialist who is mainly specialized in the Reishi program will be in a position to advice you on the dosages and any side effects that may come about when you start the famous Reishi program.

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