Reishi the powerful herbal plant, that is been acclaimed for its ability to assist with the enhancement of health, long life and specific treatment for numerous diseases. In recent times studies have established that Reishi when combined with green tea has the potential to prevent and treat the many types of cancer from growing in our body.

It is a known fact that both the Reishi mushroom and the green tea are well acclaimed their functions in traditional medicine in countries like China and other Asian countries. Today the Chinese genius scientists have invented a means where when they combine the vigorous ingredients that are found in the wonder mushroom and the tea produces synergetic special effects that inhibited the development of tumors and delayed the time of death which they managed to test on mice with sarcomas.

Dr. Ito who was the one carrying out the test for the fight against cancer found amazing results during his research. He was amazed to notice that Metastasis of the cancerous cells was in detention which proved that Reishi and green tea had potential for the cure and prevention of the danger disease known as cancer.

The combination of Reishi and green tea has resulted in the following outcome which could give hope to patients suffering from cancer.

  • The treatment had toughened the membrane of the cancerous cells, thus holding back further spreading.
  • The therapy had also prevented development of thrombi, which permitted improved fusion of medication.
  • The side-effects which normally occurred from Cancer treatments, that included chemotherapy and anti-tumor drugs was trimmed down while the effectiveness of these treatments increased by introducing the Reishi and green tea treatment.
  • The Reishi treatment also aided in normalizing the body’s system and in addition reduced the health hazard and complications that arise during treatment.

During normal treatments for cancer, a scar tissue is shaped just about the cancerous cells. This blemish tissue in due course causes further virus and distribution of cancerous cells if left abandoned. When this happens the body tends to stop this spreading by forming a substance called thrombi. There are times when thrombi tend to multiply and are carried away along the blood stream to other parts of the body. While the thrombi are traveling it does clog the vessels which give rise to fatal Cerebro-Vascular Accident commonly known as a stroke.

Reishi’s capacity in assisting to prevent thrombi from multiplying plays a momentous role in putting an end to the side-effects and associated hitches which can be fatal for the sufferer. So it could be acclaimed that Reishi can bring to a standstill to the spread of cancerous cells. Patients are advised to take Reishi as a supplement that contains Ganoderma which could make better their excellence of life

Reishi which was once considered a rare commodity has the tendency to grow in damp, dark forest areas. Today is a different story where Reishi, like green tea polyphenols, is produced as an extract.

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